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Submission Guidelines

What are we looking for?


Bleached Butterfly accepts horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy in the form of fiction, creative non-fiction, all styles of poetry, visual art, and photography. Give us written and visual stories of fictional and real life monsters. Move us in crazy directions and make our skin crawl. Show us anything from realism to abstract and everything in between. Haunt us with the ghosts of your past and pull out those skeletons in your closet. We are open to personal experiences, whether that be paranormal or dark times you have experienced. Depression is a nasty kind of monster. "Dark" is a broad topic that can mean various things to different people. We'd like to see your interpretation! 

When to submit

Submission periods are one month long


May 1-31 for the June issue

August 1-30 for the September issue

November 1-30 for the December issue

February 1-28 for the March issue

How to submit


Send no more than ten unpublished pieces total to:

I consider published work to be any piece of literature or visual art that has gone through an editorial process via journal, magazine, or other means of venue, whether it be print or online.

All literature should be placed in the body of the email and images should be attached in JPG format.

Please keep individual pieces to less than 1,000 words.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please notify me as soon as your piece has been accepted elsewhere. 


Submissions may contain more than one form of art/literature

We are a no fee / no payment venue. Each issue will be a free PDF download.

Bleached Butterfly is not a market for violence or hate speech. These submissions will be deleted with no response to the author.

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